Slum Tour - 4 hours


Kibera slum & Nairobi Slums Day tour is a half day walking excursion from Nairobi to Kibera slum –the second largest urban slum in Africa and most welcoming for day tours.

0900 Hours: Kibera Slum & Nairobi Slums day tour starts with a pick up from your Nairobi hotel.

We will drive up Ngong road past the Kenyatta national hospital and uchumi supermarket. Turn left at the former nakumatt and drive towards the DO office.

The Kibera slum walking tour starts from the DO’s office compound through the Bombolulu stage to the main Kibera slum thoroughfare road (3km) long.

You will visit the main Soweto village homes and the curio workshops where you will see the people of Kibera making ornaments out of carved animal bones collected from the area butcheries.

A pass through the area nursery schools to mingle with kids and to the water vendor and communal shower shops and mingle with the slum dwellers on their daily chores.

We will turn right past the roadside fish mongers and to the biogas plant where human waste is being used to make biogas for communal kitchenettes and to power lighting of 200 homesteads.

We will proceed to a charitable school called Baraka Za Ibrahim school that runs from donations of well wishers and caters for primary and secondary levels of schooling slum kids.

The school also has boarding facilities to cater for orphaned children, a small kitchen and laboratory and a crowded staff room at the centre of this cramped institution.

We will proceed to other homesteads of the guides and the security guards to sample how the households of the people look like. Later pass by a local pub and have a drink if you so wish.

The tour then goes to the railway line and you will see how people live so close to the line that if they stretched their hand from their sitting rooms, they would touch the train.

If lucky, you might just see the train cross through the slum tin roofed houses as everyone seems to go on their business unperturbed with people, goats and chicken crossing the line just infront of the train.

Visit the centre for the sick and share a moment of solace with the mothers and kids.

Get inspired by their humility and resilience in the face of adversity.

The people of Kibera are the most welcoming and will definitely make you feel welcome. You will also be accompanied by one of the well known security guard in the area who lives in the slums.


* You’ll join the tour in a small group (6 Guests)

* Price include pick-up and drop off from your hotel to Kibera

* You can join the tour in the morning or in the afternoon. It will take about 2 to 3 hour walk

* Restricted-picture policy: Pictures are allowed at dedicated places after permission of the guides

* The local guides and safety guards are very well-known in Kibera and are even born and living in Kibera

Kibera Slum Tour Nairobi Highlights

Visit an Orphanage/ School

An orphanage/school built by ‘mama Tunza’. Meet this impressive woman and look at her work in the children’s home.

Visit a Bead Factory

A bead factory: in Kibera everything is being reused and so are also the bones from the butcher. See how these bones turn into beads.

Visit a Typical Kibera-House

A typical Kibera-house. Feel welcome in one of the houses in Kibera and ask your questions about the day-to-day live in Kibera.

The Biogas Center

The biogas center: a fantastic view over Kibera and picture-point. You can see that also human waste is not wasted here And much more…

By joining us you will support the people of Kibera. The tour provides local employment and the profits will be used directly for projects to improve the lives of the people of Kibera.