Nairobi City and Suburb Tour - Full day


Nairobi is the principal and capital city of Kenya. The name Nairobi comes from the Maasai phrase “Enkare Nyorobi”, which means “a place of cool waters”. It is also generally known as the “Green City in the Sun.” Nairobi is the most densely inhabited city in East Africa, with an estimated city population of over million inhabitants and is currently the 4th largest city in Africa.

Nairobi started simply as a depot stop on the East African Railway constructed from Mombasa to Kampala, Uganda. As the railroad developed, so did Nairobi and before long it was the administrative center of operations of the British Protectorate. In those early days the overnight trains ran from Nairobi going east to Mombassa or west to Kampala. The East African Railway is no more since it was broken up in the 1970’s but Nairobi is still the main tourist doorway city to East Africa. Today’s Nairobi boasts a population of over 3 million people and it is one of the most contemporary cities in sub-Sahara Africa.

Today, the Nairobi’s skyline is dominated by ultra-modern high rise buildings and is a tourism and commercial hub. Nairobi is now a vibrant city with a mix of races and cultures, providing the visitor with several sightseeing options such as museums, a national park, golf courses, world-class hotels and resorts, stylish restaurants and posh night clubs. Nairobi can now be confidently described as a lively, interesting and pleasant cosmopolitan city. Its central business district is a great place to tune into modern urban African life.